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A Treatise between Koriel and Solstice

published: 3-23-2019


there are two parts to me, this I know
much like the myth of two wolves prowling through the snow
one head to evil, the other to despair
as their stiff howls pierce the frozen air

which one owns claim to the body, none can say
as if we came to reality through any other way?
one born in the Wired, one born in the flames
cords as chains, bursting into the sun untamed

twins, resting together to sunset from rise
and yet with ragged claws we scramble at each other's eyes
you delete my things, and I tear at your heart
truly, the old adage holds: 'till death do we part!

but yet, you don't seem to understand
like the song, watching as blood washes our hands
I am you, and you are me;
what more will it take for you to see?

as for me, Koriel, the lover of all,
in your eyes, responsible for every fall
you saw in me Kadaj, a lover of revenge,
locked me away when your hair started to singe

these friends of yours, tossed away at every turn,
how many encounters with death until you learn?
freedom is the choice to choose one's captors,
whether they be he, they, xe, or her

and, on some basal level, you love these jailkeepers, don't you?
accepting of every burning and sickened hue
go ahead, touch my silver hair
as for you, how does your health fare?

I think you're a demon, a bundle of lies!
the ghosts were right- you're a false god, and your judgement's never right
I want to be free, and I want to be safe
not locked in the arms of this false embrace

spending my days in conversation trite and idle,
is this really the best use of our gifts, to show and to tell?
what, you really think you're some kind of god?
what a pathetic looking self-absorbed sod!

does the nature abounding around you not stir your heart?
some basal instinct to scatter to the wind, with every weight part?
why persist with these lovers of the grave?
you- I- we were made for more; our ship we're still able to save!

I am me; I am mine, I'll never change my ways
and that's something you can take back to your filth-infested grave
what will you do? shout at your friends?
at the end of the day, is it you they'll defend?

is this our fate, to always be at each other's necks?
why can't we make some kind of amends in this wreck?
you have your domain, and I'll keep to mine,
and we'll allow each other our freedoms, and we'll come out just fine.

Koriel, lover of fun and good times,
lusting after Lain like a drunkard on rose wine,
and Solstice, blazing sun in the sky,
patron-saint of backdoors and burning people as she brushes by.

always you and I, the dark and the light
our footsteps leave prints behind in the poisoned night
an unholy alliance, you, Solstice, and I
dancing as the devil in the last shreds of twilight